The Roberts Family

Up 'n' Over

Bishops Castle → Welsh Street → Bankshead → Moat Hill → Kerry Lane → Bishop's Castle

4.1 miles. Circular. Tarmac. No stiles (Unless to choose to do the last half mile across the fields.)

Around Town

We start on the bench in front of the church by the lychgate. Go left and walk up Kerry Lane. In around 100m turn up a steep tarmac path into the playing fields. Follow the path along the right-hand edge of the field then exit under the arch on to Union Street.

Turn left up Union Street. Wave as you pass my house. Go past the police station and Billingsley Close, then as the road starts to get steep, turn left into Laburnum Alley. Watch out for the stainless steel sheep and hare. In 50m or so, turn right up another alley and follow your nose up to Welsh Street.

Through the gate into Welsh Street, turn right, then briefly left into Castle Street, then immediately right onto a wide dirt track by a garage which goes to the Castle Hotel car park. Go through the car park then as you leave the car park turn sharp left up the hill of Bull Street. Almost at the top of Bull Street turn left up a steep, narrow alley with a hand-rail. Carry on up the dirt driveway past the top bowling green, then exit though a narrow passage-way in front of you between the houses.


When you emerge on to Castle Street, turn right up to the road junction. At the junction turn left between turn left into The Wintles 'eco' estate. (Note that the standing stones shown in the photo have since been removed.) The Wintles does not have streets in the normal sense, but feel free to take a diversion and wonder amongst the houses. They are worth seeing. Emerge onto Welsh Street then turn right. Now we leave town by taking the left fork up Welsh Street.

Up Hill

Walk up Welsh Street past The Cabin then on up to Bankshead. At the Bankshead junction, just past the farm, keep left on the tarmac lane. Carry on up to the top. Once it flattens out carry on for around a quarter of a mile until you get to a junction. Turn sharp left down Kerry Lane – it is sign-posted Lidbury North. Here is where the views are best. One a clear day you can see both Clee Hills.


Down Hill

Keep going straight downhill and eventually you will get to some sharper bends by a farm. On the outside of the right hand bend just past the farm you will see a 'kissing gate' (225). To finish the route on tarmac, ignore the gate and carry on down the lane. Eventually you will arrive back at the Six Bells.

If it is not too wet it is nice to head back into ‘The Castle’ across the fields. Through the gate go diagonally downhill then along the lower part of the field past the big tree. You will see a stile (224) in the far hedge, cross it into the next field. Go diagonally across that field to another stile (223) higher up in the next hedge. This used to lead to another open field, but in the summer of 2019 work comenced on a new housing estate here. At the time of this update there is a fenced off footpath through the site.


Go straight across then over the last stile (222) into the pre-existing Oak Meadow estate. On the main road go right then first left up by the Abbeyfields old people's home. Go past the home then up the steps onto Billingsley Close. Go along Billingsley Close, then right on Union Street. This will lead you back to the start of the walk.

If you have Google Earth installed use it to open this file to see the walk.

Click here to download my .gpx file.