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The Totterton Totter

The Totterton Totter: BC to Totterton and Back
6.1 miles, tarmac, circular, no stiles.

Out Of Town

As ever we start from the bench in front of the church by the lychgate. Go right out of town towards the high school.

Cross the road and walk out of town past the church and then past the high school. Carefully cross the A488 and carry on out of town on the B4385. Pass Bishop’s Castle Building Supplies on your left, and carry on all the way down ‘Frenchman’s Mile’, past the rugby club on the right, until you come to the ninety degree righthand bend at the end. Here go straight ahead up the narrow lane by the side of the cottage. There is no signage, but this is the charmingly named ‘Stank Lane’.

Carry on up the steep hill. Be sure to check out the views back over ‘The Castle’ from the gateways on the left as you get near the top. Ignore the turning to Lydbury North on the right, and carry straight on upwards. Eventually the road will level out, and you will be rewarded with excellent views over the Kemp valley to your right. You can see Lydbury North below, Walcot Hall beyond. Straight ahead you can see both Clee hills.


Eventually you will start to lose a little height then see a narrow tarmac turning off to the left, opposite a gate with good views on the right. Take this narrow lane towards the hamlet of Totterton. Watch out for the excellent views out to the Long Mynd to your right.

This (very) narrow lane winds down into Totterton, where you pass a lovely black and white cottage then follow the lane around to the left. The lane bends right then goes steeply down hill until you come to a T-junction.

Back Into Town

Turn left at this junction, walk past Totterton Farm on you right, then start climbing again as you leave the hamlet. There are views back to the Long Mynd over your right shoulder.

As you approach the highest point you will see the summit of Roundton Hill directly ahead of you, peeping over the horizon formed by the roadway.

Once over the highest point, it a long, slow descent back towards BC. The views here are why I re-wrote the walk. You will see a lovely panorama taking in Roundton Hill, Corndon and Heath Mynd.

Follow the lane through the long-demolished bridge under the long-closed Bishop's Castle railway. When you get back to the A488, cross carefully and climb Kennels Bank back into Bishop's Castle. You will pass the hounds' kennel on the left and the doctors' surgery on the right.


An interesting route back into town is to stay on Station Street as it goes over the brow, then turn right into School Lane. Near the end of this lane turn left down past the Railway Museum, then around to the right, under the archway, past this interesting place, on to the High Street.

Walk down the hill and you'll be back were you started.

If you have Google Earth installed use it to open this file to see the walk.

Click here to download my .gpx file.