On Oakeley Mynd Baht 'At

Bishop's Castle → Totterton → Bishop's Castle

5.3 miles, mostly off-road, circular, lots of stiles.

(Originally this walk left Bishop's Castle via the fields on the far side of the A488. Unfortunately, when I did the walk again recently (August 2019) I found that this part of the route was no longer viable. Paths in this area were overgrown and stiles unusable. So I have replaced this section with an alternative route keeping to tarmac. The best part of the walk, across the top of Oakeley Mynd, where the beautiful views are, is unchanged. The paths and stiles up there are all good. Should you wish to see the original walk, please follow this link.)

Out Of Town

As always we start in the Six Bells with a pint of home-brewed ale. Out of the front door, turn left then up the hill towards the town. Go straight over the crossroads by the Boar’s Head, then on up the hill. Just as it starts to get steep, turn right under an ‘archway’ signed ‘Chapel Yard’. Go up the yard then go left then right into School Lane. When you get to Station Street turn left up hill. Follow the road around to the right as it becomes Schoolhouse Lane and it will lead you out of town. You should pass the doctors’ surgery on the left, then, around the bend, the hounds’ kennel on the right.

Up Hill To Totterton

Carefully cross the A488 and go straight up the lane opposite. After a while you will pass through the demolished bridge of the long closed Bishop’s Castle Railway. Carry on, ignoring any turns to left or right. You will now pass the disused horse training track. Keep on up the hill, over the top, then down the other side. You will pass a farm on the left, then, after the lane straightens out for a little, turn right up the hill.

Around a hundred metres up the hill take the left fork (the narrower one), then follow the steep lane around to the left into the centre of Totterton.

Turn 90 degrees to the right by the beautiful black and white cottage. Almost opposite this cottage pass through the gate (89) next to the workshop on the right and into the field. After climbing up from the gate head upwards across this field to a stile (88) in the middle of the top hedge.

Back Home Over The Mynd

Cross the farm road and over the matching stile on the opposite side. This is half way and a good place for a rest.

Head up hill across this field. The next stile (86) is next to a vehicle gate in the far hedge. (When I did this walk last the stile's steps had collapsed, but the gate was open.) Keep going roughly across this next field until you reach a further pair of stiles (85 and 84) either side of strange narrow strip field. Cross both and on into a long narrow field with a forest on the right. At the far end of this field climb up to another stile (83) and on into another field.

There are good views up here over to Heath Mynd and the hills above Churchstoke.

Walk across this field then pass over another stile (82) in the opposite fence, then over the next field then through yet another stile (81) on its far side. In the next field go diagonal and down-hill heading between two dead trees. Here you will see a stile (80) which takes you into the wood. Follow the steep path which takes you diagonally down through the wood.

Climb one more stile (79) with a good view as you leave the wood then continue down heading towards the house you can see. Once on the level, keep to the right of the hedge on the left and head directly towards the house. Beware, this is another boggy patch. Go through the kissing gate (77) then turn left on the farm road.

After a short while the road bends right, then take a sign-posted path through the bushes on the right. This leads you to a series of well-defined cross-field paths which lead through sheep fields and gates 75, 74 and 73 directly back to A488. Carefully cross the road and follow the path alongside the factory up to Bowling Green Close and on into town.

As always, I encourage you to refresh yourself with a well-deserved pint in 'The Bells'. Should I be in, please do say hello.

Click here to see the route on an OS Map.

Click here for sketch map of the route.

If you have Google Earth installed use it to open this file to see the walk.