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Skipton to Addingham on the Dales High Way

6.3 Miles One Way: Skipton town centre → Up Shortbank Road → On to Skipton Moor → Bridle path to Addingham.
(Sure to be a little mud. A lot if wet!)


This popular walk follows the Dales High Way. You get high up, so the views are excellent. You walk on the 'shoulder' of Skipton Moor, the hill which dominates the south east of the town. It takes around 2 hours 45 minutes.


You will need good boots as there is always some mud. There may be a LOT after wet weather.

We like to set off after breakfast in order to arrive in Addingham in time for a pub lunch. We then get the bus back in the afternoon.

From Town On To Skipton Moor

If starting from the Freddie Trueman statue, make your way into the centre of town then leave on Newmarket Street, past Wetherspoons. Carry on until the little roundabout then go straight across on Newmarket Street and follow it as it bends around to the right. Pass beneath the rail line that goes up to Swinden Quarry and Embsay.

The next section is a long uphill slog through a housing estate, but it is an easy way to gain some of the height you're going to need. Just follow the main road - now called Shortbank Road - up hill. As you climb up look to the right and you should see the impressive earth dam that holds back the Whinny Gill reservoir. Carry on until the road ends and a broken track takes its place. This then narrows into an uneven stoney path.


Carefully pick your way up the path until the stones end then you're at the bottom of Skipton Moor.

Don't try going up the steep slope in front of you, instead take the easier path to the right that goes around the edge of the wood. Half way up this section look over the stone wall for a view of the reservoir and town.

Follow this path up until you reach a small clearing. Once you're here, the worst of today's climbing is over! There are excellent views across the reservoir, the town and the hills beyond.

Skipton Moor To The Halfway Bench

Now follow the path which heads gently up hill to the left. This path will take you all the way to Addingham! Choose any of the sub-paths - they all go in the same direction, then in a hundred yards or so you will see a route marker and a stile in to Jenny Gill. Should you wish to divert up to the cairns and trig point on top of the moor, this stile will take you there.

In a while the path widens and you walk past many mature trees. When the trees end there is a wall on the right that has a stone stile leading to a diagonal uphill path. This is another (potentially boggy) route to the summit.


Stay on the main path as it heads east. Good views here across to Embsay Moor. One section here seems to have puddles and mud all year round, but it is not as difficult to cross as it looks!

Eventually you will come to a gate across the path with a stone bench on the right. As we are roughly halfway through the walk, this is a good place for a rest and a picnic.

From The Bench Into Addingham

Now we leave Skipton Moor behind and move into a gentler landscape. In a while you cross the lane that runs from Draughton to Silsden. This is the part of the walk where you're most likely to meet other people as dog walkers like to park here.

Apparently this was once a Roman Road.

Watch out for the boundary stone with the letters J C engraved on it.

You now pass through several gates as you start your descent into Addingham. Down to the left you can see Chelker Reservoir This is the only reservoir I know of with a dam at either end. Eventually you find yourself on tarmac as you follow the quiet lane down the hill.


At the bottom is the A65. Should you have 'had enough' by this point, there is a bus stop here where you can get a bus back to Skipton. Otherwise carefully cross then walk through the estate opposite into Addingham village centre.

The Ilkley to Skipton bus passes along Addingham high street as does the Ilkley to Keighley bus which will drop you at Steeton Station. As always, you need to research bus times in advance.


Should you wish to keep going, it is not too far to carry on into Ilkey. The easy route is to divert through Low Mill Village then follow the A65 then the River Wharfe. A much harder route is to head south then climb up on to the ridge of Ilkley Moor. It's quite a slog. You can then follow the ridge path past the Swastika Stone and on into Ilkley town.


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