The Roberts Family

About Us

This is the latest iteration of a website first published in 1997: back in the days of cameras with rolls of film and Internet connections using a dial-up modem. At that time Jim and Miranda, and daughters Alice and Lucy, lived in the United Arab Emirates city of Al Ain. Our site was the first to feature photos of Al Ain, and as such received a review in a Dubai newspaper. Part of this site can be seen by following the 'Old Stuff' link. (The content is unaltered from 1997 but the pages have been reformatted to be viewable on a phone.)

In 2014 the girls had grown up and moved away and Miranda and I moved to the town of Bishop's Castle in the heart of the south Shrophire hills. We loved 'BC' and created the walking pages you see here.

We thought we had found our 'forever' home in Bishop's Castle but by 2023 we were 10 years older and both girls had now settled in Yorkshire. So we have followed them and moved to Skipton. Hopefully we will upload some walks in this area before too long.

You can e-mail us at jim @ this domain.